Everywhere People Are Raving About These Amazing 4 Steps To Remove Tonsil Stones For Good

Tonsil stones or Tonsilloliths are mainly caused by accumulation of sulfur producing bacteria and the debris that are settled in the tonsils. The debris putrefies in the back of the throat and collects in the tonsil crypts. When a tonsil stone combines with the debris and the sulfur components present at the back of the throat, they form halitosis, a bad breath and taste disorder. If you still have your tonsils there is a high risk of experiencing tonsil stones; it is not necessary to remove your tonsils but you should remove tonsil stones.

The tonsil stones become more dangerous when we grow older, but even after removing the tonsils you may still have bad breath because the sulfur producing bacteria at the back of the tongue is the reason for the bad breath. Until this bacterium is removed, there is high chance of experiencing continued bad breath.

Your ability to remove tonsil stones is not really a difficult task for most people. Some people have success with oxygenating tablets when used along with nasal sinus sprays

Usage of an oxygenating spray will help in immediate neutralization of sulfur producing bacteria on contact. Regular usage of oxygenating toothpaste and mouthwashes prevent bad breath. Also, using a tongue scrapper gives an added benefit since it removes bacterium from the back of the tongue.

The residual effect from the oxygenating tablets and nasal drop solutions will remove tonsil stones and hopefully stop them from ever forming again. Diagnosis of tonsil stones is usually done by inspection of the affected area. They are very difficult to diagnose in the absence of a clear manifestation of the white puss balls because imaging diagnostic methods may mistake a radio plaque for a foreign body or calcified blood vessels.

Tonsil stones occur more in adults than in children. They are seen as a little bump in your throat. They will be yellowish-white globs hanging onto the tonsils or to the back of the throat. Having bad breath alone doesn’t mean that you have to remove tonsil stones. These are the usuall symptoms people have when they have tonsil stones:

  • sore throat
  • tonsil swelling
  • bad feeling at the back of your throat
  • ear pain or itching
  • difficulty swallowing

When you need to remove tonsil stones, the process can be so simple that you can do it from home. But it’s not just about removing them. If you have gotten them more than once, you may be lacking something in your diet. If you want to prevent them from coming back, you will need to make a few changes in what you eat and drink. After you do that, you will never have to remove tonsil stones again!

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Remove Tonsil Stones Pics — Video

If you’re not sure if you have tonsil stones or not, I’ve attached a video that shows very graphic tonsil stones pics.  BEWARE THOUGH, this video is VERY graphic, if you have a tendency to be squeamish at all, don’t watch it.  I’ll post more pictures later that will be a little less severe on the stomach to remove tonsil stones. . .

These tonsil stones pics really do show the worst case scenario. This girl must have had them for awhile. How Awful!

You can definitely see her tonsil stones at the back of her throat though. It’s a large lump of solid whitish material. But you won’t always be able to see them in yourself well enough to remove tonsil stones.  They are sometimes hidden in cavities or folds in the tonsils. In this case, while you may have a sore throat, you may need a CT scan to identify that this is indeed the cause.

Here though, you can tell that she definitely has a hard time swallowing as she goes about trying to remove tonsil stones by coughing them out, and then her Mom takes a Que tip to them. She has so many of them that the diagnosis is clear.  (Like I said, the tonsil stones pics in this live video are really gross!)

This person probably had extreme tonsil swelling, while her tonsil stones, (or tonsilloliths), were being formed as the trapped debris hardened and calcified. Many times, stones this large occur in those who are prone to chronic inflammation in their tonsils or have tonsillitis repeatedly. I suppose that after while you just get used to them and ignore their existence (if that’s even possible!)
The debris in these girls’ tonsils has probably been there a long time to form tonsil stones this large. Removing tonsil stones looked almost too easy for her because they are so big (but unfortunately, there were also a lot of them!).  Anyway, she should definitely find out what she’s eating or doing that’s giving her so many tonsil stones at one time. If left untreated, the tonsils will become more inflamed and could get infected.

Now, I’m not saying all these things to make you worry more about removing tonsil stones.  There IS a way to remove tonsil stones and prevent them from returning. It’s not all about just what your eating getting stuck in your tonsils either. However, it IS what you are eating that could be making matters worse and giving you more inflammation as you try to suffer through your current incident and remove tonsil stones in a futile attempt to get better.

OK, here’s the video, remember, I warned you so don’t get mad at me if you get sick watching this!

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Removing Tonsil Stones May Not Be Your Best Defense

Many people think that tonsil stones are caused when a piece of food becomes lodged in the cavities of the tonsils and then begins to collect bacteria. However, if this were the only thing that was happening to create these stones, they wouldn’t get worse just by eating dairy products or smoking. And they wouldn’t come back after you remove tonsil stones manually. There is something more to this embarrassing “disease”and we’re going to get down to the truth about this issue.

Tonsil stones are small white balls that suddenly appear on your tonsils.  I used to get them after having a cold, although my Doctor called them puss balls. I could usually get rid of them by gargling with warm salt water, or a mixture or peroxide and warm water. But for some it’s not that easy.

Some people get these stones all the time and the first signs that they are coming are a sore throat or your tonsils feeling swollen and uncomfortable.  After you get full-blown tonsil stones, you can actually feel them if you move your tongue around in your mouth.  They are not only uncomfortable, but can make your breath smell like someone went poo in your mouth while you were asleep.  You might also have a metallic taste in your mouth. You can try to hide your bad breath with breath mints or gum, but the better solution is to find the cause of the problem, and go from there.

It has been recommended on several sites by people who suffer from tonsil stones that you use objects (or your fingers) to remove tonsil stones to get rid of them.  This also might help for a short time, but if they keep coming back, you will need to figure out what you’re doing that’s causing them. It’s also not a good idea to be picking away at your tonsils with foreign object that might be full of other kinds of bacteria. Not only could you get another infection, you could do some major damage to your tonsils if you’re not careful.

Hopefully, here you will find the information you need to help you remove tonsil stones and get rid of them permanently.



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